Effective date: November 23, 2023
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The Glamazar Marketplace (“Glamazar,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) is a great place for connecting with amazingly talented people in the beauty and barber industry, shopping for fantastic cosmetics, and getting style inspiration. We aim to maintain a healthy commercial and social environment that gives Our users the opportunity to express themselves candidly and respectfully. To do this, We need your support in helping Us foster this community to be as great as the awesome people who form it.

We sincerely believe the overwhelming majority of Our users have the best intentions and operate in good faith; however, some still don’t play nicely with others. Below is a set of community guidelines to help you understand what is permitted when communicating with other Glamazar users (“Guidelines”). These Guidelines apply to all pages on this website, content, features, software, and mobile applications (collectively, “Services”) provided by Us. By using the Services, you agree to these Guidelines and all other applicable terms, policies, and agreements posted on Our Services.

For questions regarding these Guidelines, please email Us at or contact Us here.


Glamazar communications shall be defined as customer reviews, comments, the Glamazar messaging system, and the Vendor Forums (collectively, “Communications”). In addition to the terms outlined in Term of Use: Use of Our Services, the following guidelines apply when using Communications:

  • Be respectful. You won’t always agree with the opinions and views of others, but you can always be dignified and courteous.
  • Be helpful and relevant. Aim to post content that is clear, informative, and on topic.
  • Do not spam. It will not be tolerated, and honestly, it’s annoying.
  • Do not use Communications for promotion, advertisement, or solicitation. Period.
  • Please contact Us at if you see content violating these Guidelines.

You know that feeling of appreciation when you have a great experience with a company that truly cares about the satisfaction of their customers? Well, We want to hear about it! Companies that work hard to provide first-class customer service should be commended for their good labor; it motivates them to consistently deliver excellent results. Unfortunately, you may also have an unpleasant customer experience and yes, We want to be aware of that as well.

Customers drive business, and the most successful companies put their customers first. Not only do they provide high-quality goods and services and great customer support, but they also listen to the feedback from their customers to develop better business practices for customer retention and growth. As a customer, your opinion about your experience with a company is invaluable because you can influence how others choose to spend their money. However, We want your influence to be factual and honest whether positive or negative.

Here at Glamazar, We greatly value our vendors and believe they deserve true and fair assessment. All customer reviews are subject to Glamazar administrative approval for quality assurance and to ensure compliance with these Guidelines.

The following guidelines apply when submitting a customer review for publication:

  • You agree that your review is based on your personal experience and not someone else’s.
  • You agree that you have not been or will be compensated in any way to submit only a positive review.
  • You agree to provide true, accurate, relevant, unbiased, and complete information about your experience.
  • Unless you are submitting a decisively negative review, you agree to refrain from being unnecessarily harsh or overly judgmental. If you found something about the product or service to be positive, state that in addition with the negative. Remember, no one is perfect.
  • You agree to be thorough and thoughtful. We are not asking you to write a long-winded review, but do be detailed about your experience, especially if you are submitting a negative review. Vague or general reviews will not be published. For example, posting a customer review that simply states, “This was awesome” or “I would not recommend this”, will not be published.
  • We highly encourage you to submit images with your review to further demonstrate your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your purchase. All images submitted with your review must be related to the product or service purchased, and you agree that each person identified, depicted, or shown in your review, if any, (and if a minor, the parent or guardian of the minor) has provided consent to the use of the images.

We welcome your opinions and feedback in the comments section on customer reviews. Healthy discussion (and even passionate disagreement) can be insightful and entertaining. Keep the conversation going, but keep it clean and considerate.


The Glamazar messaging system allows users to communicate with one another privately. You can use it to message a vendor about a service listing or even chat with other customers about past product purchases. However you choose to use it, let common sense and good taste prevail. For example, if it’s your first time contacting another user, introduce yourself, and be pleasant before stating the nature of your communication.


If you need help with a product order or service appointment, we recommend submitting a support ticket through the vendor’s customer support page. Please make sure to include a valid order or appointment number, and provide detailed remarks to ensure that your issue is properly addressed in a timely manner. We remind you of the importance of being polite and respectful when seeking help from vendors, as it fosters positive interaction and increases the likelihood of receiving speedy assistance.

Please be aware that the vendor is expected to resolve your support ticket within 14 days, and you can log in to your account at any time to check the status. Your patience and understanding during this process are greatly appreciated. Our vendors are committed to providing excellent products, services, and customer support.

If you feel that your issue was not adequately resolved, you may escalate the matter by contacting us at


We want Our marketplace vendors to succeed, and We are here to help! If you have questions, concerns, or just want to offer some general feedback, you are more than welcome to post your topic in the Vendor Forums. Please don’t be shy about asking questions; another vendor may need assistance with the same issue. Also, if you see a topic posted by another vendor, and you have a solution, We encourage you to share your wealth of knowledge. Again, We ask that you be respectful, polite, and most of all on topic.

As its name suggests, the Vendor Forums are only available to Our marketplace vendors and administrative staff.

  • We reserve the right to monitor all Communications submitted to or otherwise made available on this Services.
  • We reserve the right to refuse publication of your Communications for any reason, without prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to monitor Communications to protect the safety of Our users and enforce Our terms, policies, and agreements.

We may revise these Guidelines or Our Services from time to time; however, We will inform you of changes by updating the effective date at the top of these Guidelines. If We make a change that, in Our sole discretion, is material, We will provide you with additional notice (e.g., notification through the Services or email communication). We encourage you to review these Guidelines regularly to stay informed. By continuing to use Our Services after any changes go into effect, you agree to be bound by the revised Guidelines.

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